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RADEX Sujetamasks help prevent the appearance of pimples and skin problems and reduce the discomfort and pressure caused by the rubber bands of the masks at the back of the head.
So that you can choose, depending on your preferences, you can purchase the RADEX Sujetamask, designed and manufactured by Grafoplas, in different finishes:
- RADEX mask holder, made of polypropylene (100% recyclable), with 5 fastening slots, for a personalized fit, a space reserved for you to write your name and available in 5 colors.
- RADEX mask, made of silicone, a material that respects the environment, and with two types of design:
For adults, available in 3 colors.
For children, available in 3 colors and with fun decorations.

RADEX Sujetamask Cleaning and Maintenance Tips
RADEX Sujetamasks can be washed with soap and water. If this is not possible, you can use our IBERKLIN hydroalcoholic soap.